CD Spirits and Delights

This album is dedicated to Nicola Matteis (1650-1713*) and represents a panorama of the musical activity in London in the second half of the 17th century. Matteis as well as many other international musicians such as Georg Friedrich Haendel and Charles Dieupart made England their adopted home and seem to have found it to be a stimulating focus for musical creation. Matteis, Dieupart and Haendel combined in their music the richness of their original cultures with the openness offered by their host country, and the works presented here showcase their preferred musical styles for chamber ensemble: arias, dance suites and sonatas.

"Spirits and Delights" is the fruit of the last ten years of research, experience and enrichment. It reflects the composition and the journey of our ensemble comprising French, German and Italian musicians, united by the language of Shakespeare. The story and music of these composers exiled in London have touched us by their innovative spirit as well as their musical sensitivity and vision.


  • Charles Dieupart (1676-1751) 

Suite II in D-Dur 


  • Nicola Matteis (1650-1713?) 

Ayres for the violin, Suite I  (Arr. L'Ephémère) 


  • Georg Friedrich Händel (1685-1759) 

Sonate HWV 386b in h-Moll


  • Nicola Matteis (1650-1713?) 

Ayres for the violin, Suite II  (Arr. L'Ephémère)


  • John Playford (1623-1686) 

Suite de danses d'après "The English Dancing Master"  (Arr. L'Ephémère)

  • Nicola Matteis (1650-1713?) 

Ayres for the violin, Suite IV  (Arr. L'Ephémère)