"En pistes !" 26.01.2022

On France Musique : 3.01.2023


If the name of this ensemble reflects their way of thinking of this music as an art of the moment, there is nothing ephemeral about this ensemble!

To get off the beaten track and introduce the public to a repertoire that is still little known to this group... Since 2005, L'Ephémère has forged an identity marked by independence, sharing and an irresistible desire to communicate their common passion for English and French popular and learned music. The freedom that the musicians give themselves in their playing defines their space of expression.

Nourished by their encounters and experiences abroad, L'Ephémère has refined its taste for the English and French repertoires of the 17th and 18th centuries, flirting at the limit of the so-called "popular" and "learned" music.

L'Ephémère's own ensemble playing and sound are underlined on several occasions by some of the leading figures of the baroque landscape, such as Pedro Memelsdorff, Barthod Kuijken and Agnes Dorwarth. This collaboration has led L'Ephémère to assert itself and to assume originality and daring in its interpretation.