Les plaisirs de l'âme

Program with recorder, cello, harpsichord

This program features composers such as Dieupart, Loeillet, Barsanti and Handel. All of these composers, who were at the London Court, have left us beautiful sonatas, soloists and virtuosos, inspired by Italian ardour and French refinement. "Les plaisirs de l'âme" is part of the historical approach of the sonata formation with original pieces for recorder. It illustrates this search for authenticity and the desire to play a repertoire that is perfectly suited to the trio formation. The question of origin, sources, text and repertoire is constant in the recorder. That's why we chose to play Charles Dieupart's suites on the voice flute, allowing us to play in their original key.

Charles Dieupart (1667-1740) Suite II 

Jean-Baptiste Loeillet (1688-1720) Sonate II 

Mathew Locke (1621-1677) Suite 4 

Charles Dieupart (1667-1740) Suite III 

Francesco Barsanti (1690-1770) Sonate III 

Georg Friedrich Händel (1685-1759) Sonate II